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Are You Looking for the ultimate adventure holiday in 2017?

Are You Looking for the ultimate adventure holiday in 2017?


So, your next holiday is ready to be booked, and you are looking for a holiday that will provide you with some lifelong memories and the time of your life. Are you struggling to decide where to head to because you want a bit of everything? Here is a round-up of some of the top destinations that offer a good mix of fun for the more adventurous people in the world:

The Alps – If you head to the Alps you can choose from skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, parachute jumping or just do all of them! Switzerland offers a great mix of activities; you could take the cable car up Mont Saleve in Geneva with a mountain bike for a descent that will certainly get your hairs standing on end.

Geneva is also a great point for accessing great ski slopes, and the city itself is very picturesque. Home of many millionaires who have made their money in the famous financial district, you may want to take a fair bit of money with you if you go to Geneva. There are lots of cheaper alternatives around the Alps, though.

East Coast Australia – If you like a bit more sun and surf in your holiday adventures, then head to the east coast of Oz. For some of the best beaches, surfing, diving and general island adventures in the world, this is the perfect destination. Every year millions of people visit this coast, and many decide to do the Cairns to Melbourne coastal route, stopping at some amazing towns and cities where you can do practically any water sport you can think of. The route also passes through Sydney so you can visit some of the most iconic surf beaches in the world or even do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb! Experience the Whitsundays for an adventure of a lifetime and meet some kindred spirits along your journey.

The Grand Canyon – Not only is the Grand Canyon one of the most epic natural wonders of the entire world, but it is also a hub for adventure seeking tourists. You can take a helicopter ride to explore the depths of the Canyon or even take to the water and opt for Grand Canyon river rafting. There are also a number of fantastic trails, taking in the breathtaking sights of the Canyon along the journey. You can even make it a camping trip to experience the marvels of nature.

Costa Rica – If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience then Coast Rica has a lot to offer. You can explore rainforests through the treetops, dive in crystal waters or meet some of the wildlife. Ever fancied zip-lining over 11 waterfalls? How about mountain biking around the foot of a volcano? You can experience a whole mix of these types of adventurous trips if you head to Costa Rica.

If none of these amazing adventure destinations catches your fancy then maybe you want something a bit more relaxed from your holidaying. Have you thought about booking a package holiday to southern Spain instead? Don’t forget to take a few books to keep you entertained!

Destination/Hotel News & Reviews

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