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The Competition Is On To Find The World’s Best Camping Destination

The Competition Is On To Find The World’s Best Camping Destination

There’s nothing quite like spending the night under the stars in nature, just experiencing the world as it has been experienced by people for millennia before a pesky thing called civilization came along. But the choice of camping location can have a massive impact. Camping in your local grocery store parking lot might get you under the stars, but it won’t do much to inspire you or make you feel more connected to the world.

The competition is on to find the world’s best camping destinations. Here are some of the contenders.

Boya Lake In Canada

Canada has long been a land of wilderness. Anybody who has flown over it is not only enchanted by its size but also by the fact that so much of it remains completely untouched by human hands. Most of the land north of the latitude of Toronto is completely wild – a smattering of lakes, mountains, pine forests, and tundra.

In amongst all that beauty is the Boya Lake Provincial Park. The lake itself is relatively northerly, but it’s famous because of its tropical coloring. Thanks to the purity of the water that feeds it, the lake is an azure blue and incredibly clear. During the summer camping here is epic, mainly because of the fact that the lake is warm enough to take a dip. All around are professionally constructed hiking trails which will take you out into the wilderness and then return you back to the main camping hubs. It goes without saying that nights here are free from light pollution, so if you’re somebody who loves stargazing, this is the perfect spot for you.

The Moroccan Sahara In Morocco

Morocco is one of those countries which isn’t easily lumped in with the rest of Africa. Thanks to its Arab links, it’s got a very different feel from the other cultures in the west of Africa. For campers who venture out into the country’s interior, things get really special. A trip into the Moroccan Sahara is about as wild as you can get as any place in the world. Usually, trips are organized around camel treks to remote outposts in the desert. Camping unassisted in the desert is dangerous, and so when you arrive at the campsite, the tents will already be set up.

Morocco is a great place to camp if you want to try things like sand boarding on dunes and stargazing.


The Lake District, UK

The Lake District is one of the most magical places in the world, thanks to the area’s unique landscape. The region served as the backdrop to the writings of some of the most influential people in all of literature, including William Wordsworth as well as J.R.R. Tolkien.

The national park itself is dotted with campsites where you can pay a small fee and pitch your tent. Most of the cost in going is in buying all the gear you’ll need, but with a Cabela’s coupons, you should be able to get money off most stuff. The mountains in the Lakes have a certain feel that is different to those in the Alps or the Rockies. Though they get icy at the top in the winter, snow doesn’t remain all year around. What’s more, the mountains are truly ancient, formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Some are falling down literally, including those around Lake Thirlmere where you’ll find the Lion Crags.

The Lake District is also a good destination for campers who like the idea of camping but don’t want to leave all their creature comforts behind. Not only is glamping a popular activity in the Lakes, but so too are eco-pods – little wooden sheds with heating and running water. These are great if you want to stay dry in a notoriously damp part of the world.

Lake Myvatn In The Heart Of Iceland

You probably don’t want to go camping in Iceland in the middle of winter. But during the summer months, the small Atlantic island comes alive as the weather improves. In the middle of the country is Lake Myvatn, a small inland lake surrounded by tundra and lonely mountains. But it’s not the landscape that is the most appealing feature of Lake Myvatn: it’s the fact that you might catch a glimpse of the northern lights. If you get your timing right, the aurora borealis are visible from Iceland and provide the perfect backdrop for an epic camping trip.


Sardinia, The Italian Island

People in Sardinia are famed for their good health and longevity. The island is home to many times the number of centenarians as mainland Italy, thanks to the diet of greens and beans. When it comes to camping, Sardinia is an obvious choice. The whole island is littered with campsites, trails and, of course, beaches – some of the most beautiful in the world. On top of all that, Sardinia itself is an autonomous region which is governed independently from mainland Italy. The result of that is a very different culture mix which includes Africans, among other peoples.


Ladakh In India

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to the mighty Himalayas as part of a camping trip, then a visit to Ladakh is probably your best option. Ladakh is a region located between Pakistan and Tibet and sits up on the high plateau formed by the Himalayas themselves. The area is popular with pilgrims to the Buddhist monasteries in the area and is best explored from a tent. Because it’s beyond the mountains, the weather is usually very dry. Plus, being so high up means that it’s miles away from civilization. This is the place to try your hand at canoeing, rafting and hiking.


The Garden Route National Park In South Africa

The Garden Route National Park lives up to its name. It stretches along the most stunning part of the coast of South Africa along miles of pristine beaches. This is a great place for any campers who just want to relax, unwind and enjoy nature at her most beautiful.


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