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Bienvenido A Miami: The Jewel In The Crown

Bienvenido A Miami: The Jewel In The Crown

Off to America? Visiting the usual places like New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas? Sure, there are some amazing places in the US, and they all deserve your attention. However, the tried and tested states and cities will always be there at your disposal. After all, it isn’t rare to find cheap flights to New York City for a couple of days. Miami, though, is a lot less accessible. So, when you get the chance, it’s essential to grab it with both hands.

Here are the reasons why this city is a must-see for any traveler heading to the USA.


Cuban Influence

When foreigners think of immigration in the United States, they think of Mexico. However, Cuba also has a massive role to play in cities like Miami. Because of its geographical location, Cubans flock over the border on a yearly basis. Now, without getting into the internal politics, this is a good thing for travelers. The reason is the infusion of the cultures. At the southern tip of Florida, the atmosphere of the small island is everywhere. The food is delicious and cheap, the cigars from Havana itself, and Spanish is as ubiquitously as English. In truth, it’s like two experiences in one.

Year Round Sunshine

Probably one the reasons you want to get away is to see more of the sun, which is understandable. Obviously, there are hundreds of places that are boiling hot at this time of year. However, the sun often puts its hat on in the autumn and winter and goes home. Miami isn’t one of those places. Quite simply, the weather is warm from January to January thanks to its location. Sure, the temperature drops a little, and that’s a blessing, but it is hardly lower than 20 °C. The British are happy with that in summer!

Water Sights

Cities usually keep their sights and attractions on land. This place is different because it embraces the natural habit. So, it’s not unusual to see dozens of Miami boat rentals with a line as big as your arm. In the end, there isn’t a soul that can wait to jump on a boat and hit the Everglades. Indeed, crocodile and alligator spotting is one of the main attractions in the whole of Florida. But, the swamps aren’t the only thing worth seeing. There is also the Jungle Island and the Seaquarium. Hopefully, you like the water because you will spend more time at sea than on land.

Inner City Park

Central Park is world famous, yet it isn’t the only stunning inner city park in the US. Miami is home to Bayfront Park, and it’s a beautiful retreat from the chaos of the main square. At 32 acres, there is more than enough mileage for a day trip and to relax in the greenery. It may not be as big or notorious as Central Park, but it does have redeeming qualities. The fact that it hugs the coastline, for example, is pretty unique and spectacular in equal measure.

So, is Miami on the bucket list?

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