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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway…

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway…

When people think of having a real vacation, their mind immediately goes to sunny climates like Spain, Australia, or California, not Canada! But if you’re thinking about getting a good-quality vacation in this year, you wouldn’t go far wrong with taking the plunge in the cold rather than lounging in the sunshine! Why you ask?

It’s A Much Better Way Of Getting Exercise

If you use your vacation as a way to replenish, recharge, and get some exercise in at the same time, then working out in the cold may help you to burn more calories. Exercising in the cold activates our “brown fat” which speeds up our metabolism. Some studies even say that you merely just have to be in the cold to feel the effects. Colorado has plenty of places with lengthy snow-drenched trails where you can ride your bike for miles, getting in that much-needed exercise. Or you can go for a “snowga” class which will leave you feeling toned, stretched and unbelievably sweaty!

You’ll Get More Sun!

Yes, really! While where you live, the wintery weather means gray skies and feeling the effects of seasonal affective disorder, but if you head to a destination that is purpose built for the cold winter months, you will be outside more than you are in! While many people don’t associate winter with much sun, you’ll certainly get your daily quota of vitamin C. And remember, you need to put sunscreen on, because even being in the sun for as little as 10-minutes in high altitudes will cause you to burn.

The Views Are Amazing

Going to destinations suited for the winter months means miles and miles of beautiful snowy mountains, vast peaks, and clear, crisp winter night skies. The Northern Lights, arguably the most awe-inspiring view of all, can only be seen from wintery climates. So if you get the chance, book in one of the places like the Northern Lights igloo hotel and see the beauty of the Aurora Borealis right in front of you. If you go away to a place like this, it’s not just the views you’ll be raving about, but it will certainly provide a fantastic backdrop to many a selfie!

You Will Reconnect

In so many ways! Cold winter weather means that you will spend a lot more time huddled up together in log cabins, talking the night away, and the lack of cellphone reception is going to be a blessing in disguise. You will build up better relationships with your friends, and forge new ones along the way. So many ski vacations have social functions, and it’s the perfect way to build on your relationships while developing new ones.


Is there anything better than hitting the slopes? The exercise alone makes it worthwhile, but spending a few hours out on the peaks before rehydrating at lunch to go back out again makes skiing probably the most fun activity that is good for you ever! So if the cold doesn’t bother you, give a cold vacation a go!



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