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End the Year in Style: Best Caribbean Islands to Visit This Fall

End the Year in Style: Best Caribbean Islands to Visit This Fall

While we may only have a month or so of summer left, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy gorgeous temperatures, beautiful beaches, and turquoise waters. If you are in need of some relaxation, why not consider a trip to the Caribbean this fall? There are many incredible Caribbean islands to choose from, and below we will take a look at some of the best.


First and foremost, we have Little Exuma, which is the island of dreams. There are no crowds, no high-rises, and no problems. It is sheer paradise. Little Exuma is connected to its sister island, Great Exuma, via a small bridge. You will have no trouble finding a rentable beachfront villa here.


Let all of your worries and stresses drift away by visiting Aruba. One of the best things about this part of the Caribbean is that Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt, which means you won’t ever have to worry about the weather. Spend your days drinking delicious cocktails on soft, white sands. What could be better?


By visiting Antigua during fall, you will pretty much get over 300 beaches all to yourself, from less-trafficked strands, like Morris Bay, to the popular spots, like Jolly Beach. This is the perfect place to go for a bit of relaxation.


Hispaniola is the second most populated and the second largest island in the Caribbean. It is also shared by two island nations – two-thirds of the island is The Dominican Republic, and the remainder is Haiti. But where is Hispaniola located? You will find this island in the Caribbean sea, just to the west of Puerto Rico, and just to the east of Cuba. The wet season takes place from May to October, and so this is a perfect location to visit towards the festive period.


Next, we have Grand Cayman, which is one of the most luxurious places in the world. It is also pleased with one of the best beaches you will ever come across: Seven Mile Beach. It is ideal for a fall getaway because it is one of the most complete destinations in the Caribbean.


Another Caribbean location that is well worth visiting is St. Kitts. If you are going to visit this beautiful island, it is definitely worth staying in one of the classic plantation hotels. This will give you the ability to enjoy an authentic Kittitian experience.


Last but not least, this article would not be complete without mentioning St. Lucia. Most people would agree that there are two parts of this island. The first is the north of the island, which is more developed and bustling. The second is the south of the island, which is a lush, rainforest-packed area, which is home to the famous Pitons and cacao plantations. You definitely get to enjoy the best of both worlds here.

So there you have it; some of the best Caribbean destinations to visit this fall. Where will you be going?



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