APFA Officer Recall Effort Heats Up

APFA Officer Recall Effort Heats Up
Photo: Blurred to prevent further reported harassment of flight attendants

A recall effort to remove the national officers of APFA (Association of Professional Flight Attendants), the union representing flight attendants of American Airlines, is continuing to gain momentum. We are hearing from some who’ve joined the effort, that although the recall is to remove all national officers, APFA President Bob Ross stands as the national officer they want out of office the most.

Signatures are being gathered at an ever-increasing pace from flight attendants of both pre-merger American and US Airways. Although the two groups have disagreed, following the merger, on a variety of issues ranging from base transfers to bidding, they’ve found shared disappointment when it comes to the performance of APFA’s national leadership.

Flight attendants have been signing the recall petitions at American bases throughout the system and flight are obtaining information and forms through a website that’s been created for the effort —

Click to see the list of “reasons why” published on recall website


One example, raised by member’s who’ve reached out to us, is that the APFA has missed numerous opportunities to retain the most protective language contained in the US Airways flight attendant contract brought into the merger. The union is accused of allowing American’s management to delay proper integration of the workgroup as well as to strongarm the union into additional “efficiencies” in the blended agreement.

Those who’ve signed the recall petition have expressed their feelings that Bob Ross has been unable to properly challenge AA’s CEO Doug Parker or followed through on promises to rid the APFA of PR and legal services brought on by and still linked to the union’s former president, Laura Glading. Ms. Glading was driven from office by angry members over her backroom dealings with Doug Parker that shortchanged flight attendants.

Here are some issues which have driven this effort:

  • Failure to carry out an investigation of former APFA President, Laura Glading, who’s been accused of making secret deals with the US Airways management prior to the merger with American.
  • Poor communication with the membership and general lack of transparency.
  • Withdrawal of hundreds of grievances regarding issues that have financially impacted flight attendants.
  • Additional issues are listed on the recall effort website 

Another principal complaint is the failure of the national leadership to bring the pre-merger flight attendant groups together, allowing uncertainty to further divide the two workgroups.

There have also been reports of social media harassment of those who’ve signed the petition by national officers, department chairpersons, and even spouses of national officers.

Savvy Stews will provide updates as this recall effort continues.




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