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Create A Side Hustle To Fund A Gap Year

Create A Side Hustle To Fund A Gap Year

Taking a gap year is a choice that can be made by all ages, not just in your late teens and early twenties. Taking a gap year later in life is a fantastic option, as you will be more aware of the places on your bucket list and hopefully you will be more financially stable. The negative side of taking a gap year later in life is that you are likely to have financial, work and family commitments.

If you have family commitments this can be easily sorted by taking your children with you! It will be a fantastic adventure and the chance to bond as a family. Your children will be able to experience the different cultures around the world, what could be a better learning experience?

If you have elderly relatives dependant on you, remember that the world has become a much smaller place with the many flights chartered by major airlines. It would be possible to return fairly quickly in an emergency. You can organise appropriate care in your absence.


Funding options

You may have managed to save enough money for the trip, but what about payments of essential outgoings at home such as your mortgage or rent? It would be a good idea to generate extra cash, possibly from a side hustle? Here are some creative ways to pay the bills whilst travelling.


Invest in stocks and shares

At first glance this appears a daunting prospect, especially if you are new to financial trading. However, there is so much information on the best shares to purchase and how to trade successfully that it would be a shame to dismiss this potentially lucrative money making option. Many informative articles are written on the subject, for example this article discusses whether investing in  boeing stock is a good idea. Do your research and seek expert advice prior to making purchases.


Rent out your house

If you are planning on travelling for six months or longer, it makes great financial sense to rent your house out to short term renters or the holiday market. Renting your house out will also solve the problem of leaving your home empty for long periods of time.

The rent generated will cover your mortgage, as well as possibly provide a little extra money to fund your travels. Renting to the holiday market is a great option, especially if you live close to a major city, tourist hotspot or in an area that holds concerts and festivals.


Work remotely

It may be possible that you could work your current job remotely ie. from anywhere in the world. If it is a feasible option, ask your boss, you’ll never know if you don’t ask! If this is impossible ask for a years sabbatical, at least you will have a job to return home to.

There are many other options for working remotely to generate an income. These include photography, freelance writing, online tutoring, blogging, translating and web design. Look at your skills and create the perfect side hustle. Your only restrictions would be that you will require internet access for at least part of the day.




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