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A Guide To Making Your Next Vacation Feel Like An Escape

A Guide To Making Your Next Vacation Feel Like An Escape

Nobody wants to go on vacation and think about work or the things they have to do when they return home. They want to go on vacation feeling like they’re getting away from it all – like they have absolutely nothing to worry about. How can you feel like this on your next vacation? By using the advice in this guide. Use this advice and you’ll make your next vacation feel like an escape…

Live In The Moment

The key to making your vacation feel like an escape is living in the moment. You need to breathe, take it all in, and avoid worrying about the past or the future. The past has been and gone and the future hasn’t happened yet. Focus your senses on what’s going on around you and really appreciate where you are right now!

Have A Technology Detox

Make sure you take this opportunity to take a break from technology. Technology can ruin your vibe, whether you’re checking your emails or scrolling through Facebook. Forget it all! Use this time as ‘you time’, and stay away from electronics as much as you possibly can.

Take A Great Book

Taking a great book is still a great way to enjoy your surroundings while you relax. You can also read it at night time to help you get ready for bed too, rather than watching hotel TV in bed.

Stay Somewhere That Will take Care Of You

Make sure you do your research and find somewhere that will take good care of your on your trip. Places like The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta will keep your room spotless and answer your every beck and call. Read reviews and look at pictures to make sure you find the ideal place to stay.

Don’t Sleep In

Avoid sleeping in on your vacation. It can be tempting, as you haven’t got a job to get up for, but if you get up early you have the chance to make the most of your day. You can get out there and explore before other people, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into other tourists everywhere you turn. If you get up super early, you’ll really be able to take in the place and enjoy the calm. You can always have a nap on the beach or back at your hotel later on!

Avoid Driving

Driving can make your vacation feel far more stressful than it needs to be, and not like an escape at all. Most places drive completely differently to what you’re used to! Walk where possible, or rent a bike. You’ll stay fit and be able to explore things up close.

Break Out Of Your Routine

Use this as an opportunity to break out of your routine. Do some yoga on the beach, go for a run, or just do something unusual that you wouldn’t have done at home.

Are you ready to make your next vacation feel like an escape? Use these tips and you’ll love how you feel!


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