How To Lose Airline Pass Benefits in 30 Minutes Or Less

How To Lose Airline Pass Benefits in 30 Minutes Or Less

Guest-travel passes from airline employees must be used responsibly 

We’ve come across a very unfortunate situation in which a woman traveling non-rev from Jamaica through Miami to New York (on an American employee’s passes) was kicked off of her connecting flight due to her inappropriate attire and after you see her videos, you’ll agree that her behavior most likely played a part in her removal. This guest-traveler then posted an obscenity-filled, nearly 30-minute long video on Facebook.

We’re not worried about her as much as we are concerned for her cousin who shared the buddy passes with her. Should a guest-traveler misbehave or cause a disruption, the airline employee may be the one that suffers in the end.

UPDATE: American employees have told us that the Philadelphia based American Airlines employee who provided the passes as been fired.

Jetiquette Tips for those using an employee’s guest travel benefits:

1. Dress appropriately, as if the job of the employee whose passes you are using depends on it.

2. If there are issues, don’t make a scene. Politely ask what you can do to remedy the situation and do it. 

Video 1: Ms. Bennett has a meltdown after being denied boarding
Warning: Strong Language from buddy pass rider

Nardia Bennett, who is traveling with her daughter, is wearing jeans which are torn extensively and do not comply with the employee travel dress code policy, “didn’t take it lightly” (her own words) when agents informed her she could not fly. In the video (at 14:12), Ms. Bennett confronts a supervisor who also informs her that her inappropriate conduct has also played a role in her being denied boarding.

The Really Bad Part

That’s not even the worst news. What Ms. Bennett neglected to consider was how her cousin, who according to her is the American Airlines employee who provided the passes, will likely be reprimanded and have their pass privileges suspended. After you watch this video, you’ll wonder how the employee will even avoid being fired.

What’s even worse is that Ms. Bennett’s behavior puts buddy pass privileges at all airlines in jeopardy since management refers to instances such as these as a reason to drastically alter policy.

Video 2: American agent offers Ms. Bennett and her daughter snacks. Her comments are interesting.


Video 3: The saga continues when she arrives at the gate of her morning flight (in the same outfit). By now, the videos have been swirling on the interwebs for hours. 

Video 4: American Airlines management personnel at Miami International Airport caught up with her.

Video 5: The Miami-Dade Police eventually showed up to escort Ms. Bennett out of the American concourse. 



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