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Incredible Honeymoon Destinations For Travelers

Incredible Honeymoon Destinations For Travelers

Traveling has a special place in your heart. Not only was it your first love, but it introduced you to your current one. Yep, plenty of young souls leave for Australia or Europe as free singletons and come back hitched up. There’s a lot to be said about having fun, but a relationship is where it’s at.

Now, you’re getting married and planning the honeymoon but want to stick to your roots. After all, years of exploring and taking risks mean you’re not a sit-on-the-beach type person.

With that in mind, here are the locations which will knock your socks off. Come on – you can’t leave them on during your honeymoon!


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Cartagena, Colombia

Now, tales of cartel killings and spates of crime don’t make Colombia an obvious choice. However, you’re both a bit on the adrenaline junkie side, so it’s a contender straight off the bat. The truth is there are felonies in Narcos country, but it’s nowhere near as prevalent as before. And, Cartagena is very peaceful because it relies on tourism. So, wandering around the brightly colored, colonial villa and townhouses is a shock to the system. Plus, the energy bubbles over at night when the salsa bars kick in. If you want a hideaway, there’s an idyllic island one hour away.


Okavango Delta, Botswana

Africa is the home of travelers because it’s the home of civilization. Only the legit people get to see real Africa in all its glory. And, there is no better way to do it than watching herds of wildebeest and zebra flock across the Okavango. The Great Migration is a yearly event, so your honeymoon may not sync, but don’t worry because there is wildlife regardless of the time. The accommodation is special too, particularly when you’re glamping in a five-star tent. Just imagine waking up next to your partner while the sun rises over the savannah.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Let’s face it – you’re madly in love and could spend two weeks alone on an island. Okay then, why don’t you do just that?! There are plenty of secluded rocks in the sea which is perfect for newlyweds. Tahiti is probably the best according to It’s not just the fact that celebs flock there too – Obama has been spotted recently – it’s the unbelievable scenery. Paradise is a word which gets thrown around, but it’s one-hundred percent on the mark regarding this destination. What’s even better is the fact Bora Bora is forty-five minutes away by plane.

Tokyo, Japan


The capital of the Orient has everything. Of course, foodies can chow down on the best sushi in the world. Take a look at for recommendations. Then, there is the history of the monarchy and the samurai. Plus, it’s one of the most advanced cities in the world concerning technology. Seriously, some of the things you see in Tokyo will blow your mind. The great thing about Honshu is that countryside surrounds it so you can (ahem) experience a honeymooner’s retreat.


Are there any more you want to add to the list?



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