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Why Flying Is Still The Safest Way To Travel

Why Flying Is Still The Safest Way To Travel

It can be hard to convince some people, especially those who have a profound fear of flying, but as Superman once said, statistically speaking, flying is still the safest way to travel! And if you can’t trust the Man of Steel, then who can you trust?

Okay, so Superman is a fictional character, but according to national statistics, there are around 1.3 million people who reportedly die in car accidents on a daily basis, which is significantly less than that within commercial air travel. In fact, reports state that 2017 was the safest year on record, with zero fatalities. And while private airplanes don’t have the stellar safety record of their commercial brothers, there are far fewer reports of accidents when compared to the accidents that happen on our highways and byways. Of course, there are other modes of travel, boat and rail being two of them, but again, airline safety comes out on top within statistics. On our railways, there were 864 fatalities reported in 2017, while 658 people died in the wake of an accident on the water.

Of course, air travel isn’t foolproof, as any cynic can argue by pointing out media stories from this year and those in years gone by. Accidents do happen, and there have been fatalities, but you need to remember one thing. These incidences are few and far between, which is why they get more media attention than the thousands of accidents that happen on the road. While these stories are shocking, there has to be some perspective, despite those naysayers who argue against flight safety.

And flying is getting safer. There is a huge amount of testing that takes place before a plane even leaves the ground, with everything from wing flexibility to onboard flight testing in place. Pilots are equipped to deal with any number of emergencies, from lightning strikes to low-fuel scenarios, and they spend countless hours in flight simulators practicing their worth in the sky. While testing takes place within automobile manufacturers, cars are still reliant on the millions of drivers who don’t have the rigorous training behind them that our airline pilots benefit from.

While safety measures are taken to ensure our planes take off, fly, and land safely, there are all the other safety procedures that happen in-flight. You can find out more about these measures through this in-flight safety video, with a range of British celebrities advocating the various ways passengers are protected, in an hilarious yet very educational manner. You see, your safety counts, and our airlines are keen to let you know that they care about you.

So, if you are still worried about flying, know that statistically speaking, this is still the safest way to travel. Whether you opt for a cheap private jet charter or use a commercial airline for your travel needs, you are still safer than in any other mode of transport. Yes, you may still experience the occasional turbulence, and yes, you will have to endure the varying quality of in-flight meals, and yes, you may still have to sit next to that guy who has no consideration of your personal space, but at least (statistically speaking), you are almost guaranteed a safer journey!


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