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Flight Service Management Shakeup Begins At American

Flight Service Management Shakeup Begins At American

**This story is developing in real time and will be updated**Last update 0729 EST on 11/2

American Airlines Human Resources personnel are currently set up or arriving soon at American’s flight service offices throughout the system informing many flight service managers (supervisors) that their services are no longer desired. Now that American has rolled out a new attendance policy designed to terminate sick flight attendants, it seems they’ve taken to chopping management heads as well.

“I was called into a conference room and told my position had been eliminated. I was given no explanation as to why I was chosen to be let go. I changed my life to take this job and had really developed a great working relationship with the flight attendants in my group. They work hard and I did my best to support them. I am in shock.” Fired FSM 

This is part of American’s plan to cut costs by up to $190 million. It should be noted that American management never fails to use flight service as their bottomless piggy bank.

Apparently, termination meetings have concluded for the evening but will resume tomorrow and through next week.

This email was just sent to the Philadelphia base:

Dear PHL team,

For a while now, we as a company have been looking at ways we can operate more efficiently and create the right organizational structure for our future. As some of you may have heard earlier today we made a few changes to the team here in PHL. These decisions were not easy. As a result, some of you may be temporarily assigned to an interim Flight Service Manager. If this is the case, we’ll send you an email no later than November 9. In the meantime, we’re always here to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Crew Service Center in either A-west or B-16 if you’re unable to reach your FSM.

On behalf of the entire PHL team, thank you for your support and all you do every day.

Note received from fired Flight Service Manager: 

“We lost members from our team from a Senior FSM position all the way down to Coordinator. Anywhere from 15 years of seniority to 2 years. We were totally blindsided. Just recently we were assured that they would only be evaluating the current posted open positions as part of the workforce realignment. There was no clear reason as to why they chose who they chose. People who had nothing negative in their personnel file whatsoever, have incredible performance evaluations, were in charge of big projects, had great relationships with their station personnel and flight attendants, and who donate a lot of their personal time to volunteering. A new duty manager just started in the department in Monday, yet he was permitted to stay. They literally just hired someone, yet they are letting people go. It’s unreal. And devastating.”

Once terminated, the FSM’s are being escorted out of the secured area of the terminal. I’m hearing that most are not impressed with the separation packages being offered to them.


Flight Service Managers are being called into the conference room and being told their positions have been eliminated and are being asked to clean out their desk and leave American Airlines property. Those flight service managers who are flight attendants will be given the option of returning to the line.


At the time of this post, 8+ flight service management personnel have been fired at American’s Philadelphia flight attendant base. They are being escorted out of the building by security.

Los Angeles

Update 2100 EST: So far, 2 flight service managers and 1 coordinator have been asked to leave.

We are waiting for a report. One flight service manager, with the initials D.S., is on thin ice for harassing flight attendants – so I’m waiting to see if he will be one of those receiving a pink slip today.

More terminations are supposedly coming on 11/2.

Flight Service Instructors Fired En Masse

Last week, we learned that 18 flight service instructors were fired from their positions at American’s Flagship University (FSU) in Dallas. Some of these instructors, who have flight attendant line rights, will be able to return to flying. Others will be forced to accept separation packages.

As we receive more info from other bases, it will be updated here.


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