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Own a Piece of Delta’s History

Own a Piece of Delta’s History
Own a Piece of Delta’s History

Earlier this year, Delta introduced new uniforms for a number of different departments throughout the company; more than 350,000 pounds of the textiles from the old uniforms were recycled, and now Delta fanatics can benefit from that with a unique set of custom-made items constructed out of the fabric.

Earlier this year, employees of Delta Air Lines’ Airport Customer Service, Cargo, Ground Service Equipment, In-Flight Service and TechOps departments received new uniforms. The old ones – weighing in at more than 350,000 pounds of textile – were diverted from landfills and recycled. Whatever wasn’t given to someone in need or recycled was turned into new accessories for travelers, thanks to a partnership with Looptworks.

“Our partnership with Looptworks gives new life to retired uniforms and seat covers that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, supports Delta’s commitment to serving local communities and provides one-of-a-kind goods that are perfect for gifting, all while being made in the United States,” Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Delta’s Uniforms Director, said in a release.

Looptworks has a full slate of former uniform accessories on its website, including bags, backpacks, passport covers, travel kits, and accessories. Some products are made from mostly uniform materials, while others have old plane seat leather sewn in as well.

“The leather Delta uses is very durable and begins its life as a waste product from other leather manufacturing,” Marcus Griffin, Delta’s Cabin Maintenance Program Manager, said in the release. “It’s exciting to see a material we originally selected for its durability and environmental benefits continue to be upcycled and yet again given new life.”

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