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How To Make The Best Of A Delayed Flight

How To Make The Best Of A Delayed Flight

Whether you travel a lot or you only head off once a year on vacation, flight delays can be a big problem, costing you time and money and adding to your stress levels. Although there is nothing you can do about the delay itself, there are some things you can do to make the best of it if you have to suffer through one. It will help you to feel more at ease, and even make the time enjoyable.

  1. Enjoy The Airport
    Gone are the days (for the most part at least) when airports were simply functional buildings with perhaps one store and one coffee shop in them. Today, they are like shopping malls, full of interesting stores to browse and with plenty of restaurants to choose from where you can have everything from a quick sandwich to a full three-course dinner.

    Some airports, such as Minneapolis St Paul, even have cinemas and games rooms, or spas where you can relax before your flight. If you have suddenly have a lot more time, why not use the facilities at the airport and make it part of your trip?

  2. Plug Into The WiFi
    These days, it’s almost impossible to leave our day to day lives behind completely and focus solely on our vacations, and if that sounds like you, you can use the time given to you by the delay to complete a little more work, or answer your emails and social media messages by logging into the airport’s WiFi. It should be free, and there will always be someone around to ask, so make sure you do and don’t use your data when you might need it on vacation.

    Once your admin tasks are complete, you can stay logged in and use your time to relax online by playing Unibet games or scrolling through Instagram or other social media sites. You might even do some research on your destination and come up with the perfect itinerary.

  3. Read A Book
    Many people find that the only time they can really find a moment or two to read is when they are on vacation, and, if you love books, that can mean that you have a long list of novels to catch up on, including some of the New York Times bestsellers. What could be better than finding you have an extra hour or more to read in? The delay you are experiencing may not be ideal, but it could certainly be worse, and if you can get some extra reading in, you can make it rather enjoyable!

  4. Claim Compensation
    When there is a significant delay to a flight, you will often find that you can claim compensation for the loss of your time and, particularly if you are on a business trip, money. Spend the time you have to wait to find out as much as possible about this so that you can make a claim for compensation once you have landed, before it slips your mind or becomes too late.

    Although the airlines might offer some kind of compensation at a later stage, it is also important to remember that they might be helping those who are delayed in the airport; see if there are any shopping or food coupons that they can give you to make the wait more pleasant.


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