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Virgin Voyages Announces Maiden Cruise Of Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Announces Maiden Cruise Of Scarlet Lady
Virgin Voyages Announces Maiden Cruise Of Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages is bringing rock n’ roll style to the seas. The company has announced that its first ship, the Scarlet Lady, will make its maiden voyage in 2020. The ship will feature 78 RockStar Suites, which all feature a blend of glam design and a look inspired by Virgin’s rock n’ roll heritage.

Virgin Voyages is bringing rock-star style to the seas. The cruise company has announced that its very first ship, the Scarlet Lady, will journey to Miami and Cuba as part of its maiden voyage to the Caribbean in 2020.

In a statement, the company confirmed that, true to Virgin’s roots, the ship’s interior will incorporate a strong rock and roll aesthetic and rather than being referred to as passengers, all those on-board are ‘RockStar Sailors’ for the duration of their journey.

The company has confirmed that the ship will offer 78 suite configurations, some of which feature hot tubs and even guitars and amps. “All tiers of RockStar Suites feature top to bottom marble bathrooms, stocked with premium products of course. The showers feature multi-colored dichoric glass windows and doors, providing a sneaky view into the room or out to the sea, in the aptly named Peek-a-Boo shower,” the company explained.

These suites also offer bespoke furnishings as well as king-sized beds and even nautical-themed bar accessories.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the design, Jamie Douglas, senior product design manager for Virgin Voyages, said, “We wanted to use all aspects of the Virgin brand including our musical legacy, elements of Virgin Galactic and inspiration from Richard Branson’s Necker Island. The idea was to consider Sailor needs and comforts and create suites that were social, inspirational and relaxing so that they wanted to spend time in them.”

True to form, Virgin has also announced that all of its RockStar Sailors are entitled to a range of luxurious perks and extras, including private airport transfers, assistance with baggage and access to special events. Should they want for anything else, the company is also offering rider request forms within suite areas.

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