About ‘Savvy Stews’

Savvy Stews began in 2010 as an internet brand created by Gailen David and Bobby Laurie to merge their individual travel focused websites into one go-to source. After four short months, SavvyStews.com became the largest independent travel network on the internet by both traffic and content. The network has since grown by adding additional bloggers and websites adding focus to topics such as food and drink (restaurants, and home cooking) and wine (various vineyards and locations).

Between both Stews the correspondents have over 30 years of travel industry experience holding various titles and positions within the hospitality and airline sectors making them true industry insiders with access to tips, insight and first hand information that they can pass along to readers and viewers.

As the only travel correspondents with hands on experience working within the industry, the Stews can accurately, precisely and genuinely convey information to aid in making a travelers experience easier, stress-free and, in this day and age, fun again.

About Gailen David

Gailen David, also known as “The Sky Steward,” flew for American Airlines as a Purser (Lead Flight Attendant) for 24 years.

In 2007 David started a popular travel website, Dear Sky Steward, which focused on the positive aspects of the travel industry as well as a more ‘civilized’ and luxurious approach to travel.

Dear Sky Steward has become one of the fastest growing travel sites on the Internet. The site provides expert opinions regarding travel, customer service, the airline industry, airfares, in-flight service and airport-related topics.

The website also campaigns for travelers to practice proper Jetiquette, a brand that David trademarked to promote courteous travel etiquette. The campaign, and subsequent Jetiquette guide, was formulated with David’s experience of etiquette and protocol as a faculty member of  the Protocol School of Washington.


About Bobby Laurie

Bobby Laurie’s background in the travel industry dates back to November 2005 when he was hired as a flight attendant for Republic Airlines. After a short four month stay at the company where he was based at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to work as a flight attendant for America West Airlines who had recently merged with US Airways.

After flying for six months Laurie had started his move up the corporate ladder and held various positions within the company before ultimately landing as an Analyst in the airline’s InFlight Policies & Procedures Department. A year and a half after being hired Laurie left his post to return to life as a flight attendant at Virgin America.

In 2009 Bobby Laurie created the travel blog Up Up & A Gay. The website was designed to collect and journal the experiences Laurie encountered while working as a flight attendant. Because of the catchy name and his crazy stories the blog became widely read among airline and industry enthusiasts. In 2010 a collection of his most popular articles and journals from his website were published into a book titled Planely Speaking: Inflight Insight from Thirty Thousand Feet.

Now Laurie works as a travel expert for the CNN Airport Network, travel contributor to HuffPo LIVE and The Huffington Post in addition to writing for SavvyStews.com.


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