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Gailen David, also known as “The Sky Steward,” flew for a legacy airline as a Purser (Lead Flight Attendant) for 24 years.

In 2007 David started a popular travel website, DearSkySteward.com, which focused on the positive aspects of the travel industry. The website also campaigned for travelers to practice proper Jetiquette, a brand that David trademarked to  promote courteous travel etiquette. The campaign and subsequent Jetiquette guide was formulated with David’s experience of etiquette and protocol as a faculty member of  the Protocol School of Washington.
Later in 2010 David joined with fellow travel blogger Bobby Laurie and created the largest independent travel network on the internet, now known as SavvyStews.com, featuring travel tips, insights and of course, a guide to Jetiquette.

As 2012 began David used his website to post whistleblowing information about the inner-workings of the airline in which he was employed which later led to his termination. However, this situation resulted in David beginning Operation: Aluminum which supports employees in speaking out against corporate greed.


Born and raised in New York City, Bobby Laurie graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology with a degree in Mass Media Communication.
He currently works as a Flight Attendant at a low-cost airline and as a freelance journalist.

In 2009 Laurie started the popular flight attendant website Up Up & A Gay in which he shares his experiences as a flight attendant and offers travel industry insight based on his first hand knowledge. In 2010 the best articles from his blog were published into a book titled Planely Speaking: Inflight Insight from Thirty Thousand Feet.

Also in 2010, Laurie joined forces with fellow travel blogger Gailen David to form InFlightTeam.com which was created to be an internet hub for travel tips, tricks and insights combining the best of Laurie and David’s websites. In 2011 the duo rebranded their website and themselves as the “Savvy Stews” and has grown SavvyStews.com to be the largest independent travel network on the internet.

Laurie has written about the travel industry for various outlets such as Newsweek’s The Daily Beast and America Online, and has been called upon by various media organizations such as MSNBC, ABC News, The New York Times and NPR lending his opinion and expertise on current travel news and events. He also appears monthly on various regional and national talk shows as a travel correspondent.

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