Bobby Laurie

Airline News

“Air Trump” Makes Emergency Landing in Nashville

Bobby LaurieFeb 4, 2016
Airline News

The Today Show tackles the Emotional Support Animal epidemic

Bobby LaurieFeb 3, 2016
Airline News

American Airlines Flight 109 Declares Emergency, Returning to LHR

Bobby LaurieJan 27, 2016
Airline News

United Airlines CEO Receives Heart Transplant

Bobby LaurieJan 7, 2016
Airline News

Flight Attendant Pay Practices Lawsuit Progresses at Virgin America

Bobby LaurieNov 19, 2015
Airline News

Flights & Trains to France Continue Despite Closed Borders

Bobby LaurieNov 14, 2015
Airline News

Crew Brief: November 11, 2015

Bobby LaurieNov 11, 2015

Oh, Marilyn! Serial Stowaway arrested for 2nd time since release

Bobby LaurieJul 6, 2015
Airline News

Woman known to sneak on airplanes released from jail

Bobby LaurieJul 3, 2015
Airline News

Delta’s replacement 747 is a bit… Rusty

Bobby LaurieJul 3, 2015
Airline News

TransAsia cockpit recording: “Wow,” as pilot turns off the sole working engine

Bobby LaurieJul 2, 2015
Airline News

Paris Hilton Pranked: Her Plane is Going Down, Now She’s Suing

Bobby LaurieJun 30, 2015
Airline News

Chinese Flight Attendants trained as “Civil Air Security” Force

Bobby LaurieJun 10, 2015
Airline News

What REALLY happened on that United Flight with the Muslim Passenger?

Bobby LaurieJun 7, 2015

ABC7 Revisits Spirit Airlines’ Flight Attendant Photo

Bobby LaurieMay 28, 2015

PTC: The Post Trip Coma

Bobby LaurieMar 11, 2015

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