United Express’ Air Wisconsin Puts Inflight Service As Last Priority

Gailen DavidJul 27, 2018

Alaska Airlines Confirms Cabin Air Contamination

Savvy Stews StaffJul 18, 2018

Hot Airplanes Have Flight Attendants and Passengers Steaming

Gailen DavidJul 17, 2018

Delta Accused Of Systematic Harassment And Discrimination

Gailen DavidJul 6, 2018

Flight Attendants On Flights With Separated Children Speak Out

Gailen DavidJun 20, 2018

Mesa Airlines; The Public Will Learn The Truth

Gailen DavidAug 7, 2017

Qatar Apology Accepted, But Don’t Get It Twisted

Gailen DavidJul 13, 2017

Norwegian Flight Attendants Now AFA Represented

Gailen DavidMar 30, 2017

Mesa Airlines Flight Attendants Vote 99.56% to Authorize Strike

Gailen DavidMar 29, 2017

Time For Flight Attendant Mega-Union

Gailen DavidMar 5, 2017

Backroom Deals at American Heighten Arbitration Anxiety

Gailen DavidJan 12, 2017

Norwegian Air Permit Would Allow Offshoring US Airline Jobs

Gailen DavidDec 6, 2016

Largest Flight Attendant Union Responds To Election

Gailen DavidNov 9, 2016

Amid Acquisition, Virgin Flight Attendants Certified to Sue Virgin America for Back Wages

Nov 8, 2016

Cathay Pacific US-Based Flight Attendants Plan To Vote Union

Gailen DavidOct 25, 2016

US-Based Flight Attendants Lose Social Security and Health Benefits

Gailen DavidOct 25, 2016

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